Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

How to Register:
Students and parents need to make an appointment with grade-level school counselor to get the correct information and procedure. School counselors need to verify information, go over rules and process for successful outcome. Once we meet to determine academic goals and needs, students and parents must follow the following process:

1. Go to www.flvs.net

2. Create a student account.

3. WE are district 50.

4. Use student number without pb infront of it.

5. Okeeheelee Middle in Palm Beach Schools.

6. Choose their school-counselor (Mr. Vega-Ortiz, Mrs. Zecca or me-Mrs. Parrado).

7. Request Course -ALL SEGMENTS (both semesters if it applies).

8. School counselors will receive “Request to Approve.” We will say YES or NO. Your request will be denied if 1-7 has not occurred!