Posted on 03/26/2021
The schedule was updated on 4/20/21.
FSA is quickly approaching.
Testing will take place on the following days:

6th Grade
WRITING - April 13 – 14
READING - May 5 – 7
MATH - May 12 – 14

7th Grade
WRITING - April 8- 12
READING - May 10 – 12
MATH - May 20 – 24
ALGEBRA I EOC - May 27 – 28
CIVICS EOC - June 2 - June 7

8th Grade
WRITING - April 5 – 7
READING - May 3 – 5
MATH - June 1 – 3
SCIENCE - May 17 – 19
AP SPANISH - June 4 (testing starts at 9 am)

General Information:
• ALL testing will take place on campus. There is NO option to test at home. Each test has multiple sessions (with the exception of writing and civics). Students are required to complete ALL sessions for testing. Students are will complete each session on the same day (with an extended break in between sessions).
Reading/Math - Testing will take place all day. Check-in will begin at 8:45 am daily. Students will remain on campus all day. There will be no early dismissal.
Algebra I / Geometry / Civics EOC- Testing will take place in the morning. Check-in will begin at 8:45 am daily. Students will have the option to be picked up at the conclusion of each session beginning around 12 pm daily. Students will be able to call home upon completion of the session.
Science - Testing will conclude from approximately 1:00 pm. At the conclusion of the session, students have the option of being picked up or staying on campus the remainder of the day.
• Any student who misses their scheduled session are encouraged to attend a make-up session. Make-ups will begin the following day.
• Students will receive their specific dates and testing locations from their math teachers beginning on Tuesday 4/20. This information will also be available in the grade level offices. Additionally, parents and students will receive a call-out with their dates of testing.
• Students are required to bring their charged district-issued chromebook. If students do not have a district-issued device, one will be provided. Students are not permitted to use personal devices for testing.
Students are encouraged to bring headphones for FSA Reading. The headphones cannot be wireless. If students do not have headphones, one will be provided.
• It is important for students to get a good night sleep, eat a good breakfast, and arrive to school on time in order to get to their testing location on time. There will be free breakfast offered to all students.
• Students will receive a letter to parents/guardians explaining testing policies related to electronic devices, testing rules acknowledgement, leaving campus, discussing content after testing, and working independently. Make sure to go over these policies with your student so that they can have a smooth testing experience.

If you have any questions, please contact the school at 561-434-3200.